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Brues Alehouse Brewing Co

120 Riverwalk Pils

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Our Impression:  German and Czech pilsners are easily some of our favorite beers, and are arguably some of the best beers in the world.  These styles have brought us on a long journey.  Brewing a perfect Pilsner requires vast knowledge in traditional lager brewing processes, and experience that comes with the trials of time.  We feel we have made great leaps in our brewing technique, and this beer in many ways represents the quality of our future beers.  

Style: Bohemian Pilsner, BJCP 2B

Grain- Extra Pale Premium Pils

Hops - Czech SAAZ

Yeast-  Lager Yeast from Southern Germany

Adjuncts- None

Water- Reverse Osmosis Base with light additions of CaSO4, CaCl2

Original Gravity: 12 Degrees Plato

ABV: 5.15%

Lab Analyzed IBU - 25.5

Color: 3.94 SRM

pH: 4.43

Aroma: Mild Spicy Floral character from the Saaz hops, subtle sulfur and sweet grain.

Appearance: Pours brilliantly clear with a pale straw color.  A nice white foam laces as  you drink.
Flavor: Delicate malt character allows all subtleties of flavor to shine through.  Elegant noble Saaz hop character is balanced and not overwhelming.  The finish is clean and incredibly pleasant, making this an incredibly drinkable beer
Mouthfeel: A light mouthfeel with medium carbonation.

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