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Märzen Rauch

Brues Alehouse Brewing Co
cherau and rauch-5.jpg

Style: Bamberg-Style Maerzen Rauchbier

Grain- Beech Smoked Malt, Munich Type 1, Caramunich III, Carafa Sp. Type 1

Hops - Hersbrucker, Tettnang

Yeast-  Lager yeast originating from a Munich Lager Brewery

Adjuncts- None

Water- Reverse Osmosis Base with light additions of CaSO4, CaCl2

Original Gravity: 13.1 Degrees Plato

ABV: 5.34%

IBU - 18 IBU

Color: 15 SRM 

Our Impression:  More smoke or less smoke? That is the question.  Now we have two beech smoked lagers so you can decide for yourself!

Aroma: Smoked Malt, Toasted Malt

Appearance: Pours bright with a deep red hue, creamy head, great lacing.
Flavor: Exceptional layers of malt complexity yield sweet malt and a ham-like smokiness.  A very cold fermentation keeps the finish wonderfully clean.  This beer is less intense than our darker smoke beer, Beechwood Rauch.  Maerzen Rauch is more balanced in terms of smoke to malt ratio and can be approached more easily.
Mouthfeel: Silky and medium-light, with medium carbonation.

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