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Nitro Stout

Brues Alehouse Brewing Co

Our Impression (What we should say):  

There's something special about nitrogenated stouts.  They are creamy, elegant, and delicious.  With winter just around the corner, we've decided to release our Nitro Stout to welcome the changing seasons.  As always we strive for drinkability and focus on process to bring forth the best product possible.

What Really Happened:

When we brew our imperial beers (Imperial Stout and Eisbock) we only use the first runnings of the mash, which are very high in sugar content, to make the beer as high in ABV as possible.  Normally we don't have a use for the grain after this, even though there are still a lot of sugars present!  This year we took the second runnings of our imperial stout and eisbock and blended them to create an english style stout, much in the realm of Guinness on nitro, although a bit stronger in terms of ABV.  The result is amazing in many ways.  For one, it's a beautiful dark ale.  Second, making the brewery more resourceful is a beautiful thing.  As a brewer it's always painful to brew a super high ABV beer and have so much extract left in the mash.  Utilizing the second runnings of an imperial beer is something we've tried in the past, but we have never done effectively until now.  Cheers! 

Style: English Stout

Malt- Isaria 1924, Pale Ale Malt, Pale Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Black Malt, Brown Malt, Oats, Honey Malt

Hops - Centennial

Yeast-  S-04

Adjuncts- None

Water- Reverse Osmosis Base with CaSO4, CaCl2, NaHCO3

Original Gravity: 14.5 Degrees Plato

ABV: 6%

IBU - 24 IBU

Color: 30 SRM 

Aroma: Balanced chocolate and coffee, toasted malt.

Appearance: Pours dark  with creamy, tan nitro foam. 

Flavor: Initial impression is driven by creamy chocolate followed by subtle roast. A touch of earthy bell pepper and hop spice.  The smooth malt body is emphasized by the nitrogen.  Very little bitterness.
Mouthfeel: Smooth and creamy mouthfeel with low carbonation. 

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