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Czech 10°

Brues Alehouse Brewing Co

Our Impression: Our goal as brewers is to travel and drink beer from the source, in it's purest and correct form. We recently traveled to the Czech Republic (Prague) to explore their beer styles, as we knew they create incredible lagers. They essentially had three main styles; A 10° Pale Lager, and Amber Lager, and a Dark Lager, all poured on the classic Czech Side Pull Faucet. With our Lagering Tanks, Side Pull Faucets, Filtration, and very slow and cold fermentation, we were able to create an incredibly close replica of their 10° Lager and we are so excited about it! We love to drink beer, and this is the perfect session beer at 3.9% abv. Beautiful creamy foam, incredible malt complexity (surprising being a low abv beer!) and so soft on the palette. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

Style: Czech Pale Lager, BJCP 2015 3A

Grain: Floor Malted Pilsner, Munich I, Acidulated, Carahell

Hops: Kazbek

Yeast:  Lager Yeast originating from a Munich Lager Brewery

Adjuncts: None

Water: Reverse Osmosis Base with very light additions of CaSO4, CaCl2 

Original Gravity:  10 Degrees Plato

ABV: 3.9%

Estimated IBU:  32 IBU

Color: 4 SRM

Aroma: Sweet Bright Malt, Spicy Floral Hop Characteristics. 
Appearance: Pours bright gold with fluffy white foam, with incredible lacing. 

Flavor: Incredibly clean fermentation character from traditional lagering methods. Pleasant creamy foam, moderate Spicy Hop Character from the Kazbek hops, extremely soft mouthfeel, with stylistic buttery notes. The Perfect Session Beer.
Mouthfeel: Silky, Creamy and light, with light carbonation.

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