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Our Inspiration
Deutsch Inspiriert. German Inspired.

Our brewing philosophy is decidedly German.  We obsess over process details with a commitment to both science and art.  We strive to brew elegant European and continental lagers, fresh IPAs, and complex Belgian ales.  Our ingredients are always top quality:  Malts from Bamberg, Germany. Hops from across the globe. Reverse-Osmosis Water. Yeast sourced from world-class breweries. Fresh fruits and whole spices.

To align ourselves closer to the larger German breweries, we utilize modern technologies (horizontal lagering tanks, inert hot-side brewing vessels,  de-aerated and demineralized water) and traditional brewing processes (decoction mashing, krausening, and natural spunding).  Led by Tony Garcia and Kyle Berry, our highly inspired brewery is constantly learning, evolving, and improving with the goal of creating world-class beer.

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