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Nectaron Haze

Brues Alehouse Brewing Co

Our Impression: Hazy IPAs are our favorite IPAs.  Nectaron Haze was developed for hop lover seeking a quenchable and sessionable IPA.  This is the newest addition to our IPA catalogue and features the most prized new hop on the market, Nectaron.  Nectaron, a New Zealand variety, contributes luxurious orange and ripe fruit aromas.  We used Nectaron as the sole dry hop at 2lbs/BBL.  The result is a wondrous hazy with fantastic summer drinkability. 

Style: Hazy IPA, BJCP 21C

Grain-  Two-Row, Malted Oats

Hops -  Motueka, Nectaron

Yeast-  Fermentis S-04

Adjuncts- Unmalted Wheat

Water-  Reverse Osmosis Base with high additions of CaSO4, CaCl2

Original Gravity: 13.25

ABV: 5.5

Estimated IBU - 25 IBU

Color: 3 SRM

Aroma: Aromatic notes of sweet fruit, lime, orange, and citrus pith. 

Appearance: This beer pours with extreme haze, white/straw in color, with a thick dense foam that laces very well. 
Flavor: A lovely new world hop blend delivers a complex punch of ripe fruit, orange, and lime.  The light malt provides a delicate backbone of grainy sweetness.  Low bitterness and a clean finish.
Mouthfeel:The addition of wheat and oats gives this IPA a velvety, chewy mouthfeel. Medium Carbonation.

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