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Brues Especial

Brues Alehouse Brewing Co

Our Impression:  Brues Especial is a very elegant lager inspired by the easy drinking lagers brewed by our Mexican friends.  While some craft beer fans look downward upon domestic and export light lagers, we find them fascinating and quite difficult to brew.  The truth is, light lagers are some of the most difficult beers to brew and we’ve found that craft breweries often miss the mark when attempting to brew them.  We took a traditional German approach to brewing this beer (besides the corn!), since Mexican breweries historically brewed with German techniques.  Our goal was to retain as much of the delicate flavor from the pilsner malt and create a beer with fresh character, which is very difficult to retain once packaged into a bottle.  The end result is an extraordinarily drinkable beer with a lighter impression than anything else we are serving.  Personally, we would love to keep this beer around, especially in the hot summertime!

Style: Mexican Style Light Lager, BJCP Undefine

Grain- Pilsner

Hops - Hallertau Tradition, Saaz

Yeast-  Lager yeast originating from a Mexican Lager Brewery

Adjuncts- None

Water- Reverse Osmosis Base with light additions of CaSO4, CaCl2

Original Gravity: 10.5 Degrees Plato

ABV: 4.6%

Lab Tested IBU - 15 IBU

Color: 1.53 SRM - Lab Analyzed

Aroma: Sweet Malt, Subtle Sulfur

Appearance: Pours bright with a very pale straw color, white foam, good lacing
Flavor: Very clean tasting Mexican lager profile.  Slightly sweet malt body with low perceptible hop bitterness and flavor. Very refreshing and thirst quenching.  Slightly more body and fresh dough character than the Mexican macro-brewery editions. There is no harsh or lingering bitterness from unwanted tannin extraction. No diacetyl or butter-like flavors.
Mouthfeel: Smooth and light, with medium carbonation.

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