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Brues Alehouse Brewing Co
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What is Kellerbier? Kellerbier (Cellar Beer, Zwickelbier) is any lager that is served during its lagering phase, hence the term "cellar beer" meaning it comes directly from the cellar. It is unfiltered, and in the final weeks of the lagering process.  This is not a "young" or "green" lager, it is a lager that has undergone maturation and is essentially ready for filtration. Kellerbier is traditionally served in a ceramic mug, which hides the slightly cloudy unfiltered form.  This style of beer is quite popular in Germany due to the consideration of health benefits when comparing to a filtered beer.  With B vitamins from yeast, and polyphenols from hops and grain, you are, according to German research, drinking a "healthier" lager.  Claus, our 80 year old tour guide from Ayinger Privatbrauerei just outside of Munich, drinks three glasses of kellerbier every evening, and enthusiastically recommends we do the same. Consult your doctor before drinking the official beer of the fountain of youth. 

What KellerBiers do we serve? Currently, we will be housing three different Kellerbiers, although availability will change as new batches finish lagering. 

Keller Helles

Keller Bock

Keller Vienna

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